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Website Design & Development Company - ৳10,000 - Chittagong, Bangladesh
    Website Design & Development Company
  • ৳10,000
  • Service Solution Bangladesh is a leading website design & development company Dhaka, Bangladesh. We specialize in creative website design and web development solutions over the world. We have one of the best creative team in the industry to provide the best web solution within your affordable budget. We are a team of IT Professionals that can offer you one stop shopping for your IT solutions. ... 7/6/2017 ~ Chittagong
Boost or Promote Your Facebook Page - ৳1,000 - Chittagong, Bangladesh
    Boost or Promote Your Facebook Page
  • ৳1,000
  • Service Solution Bangladesh is providing the Facebook Marketing (Page boosting/promoting), The website, software, IT training, Digital Marketing and Total IT solution all over the Bangladesh If you need any service so You may call us: 01976565765 30/5/2017 ~ Chittagong
LinesPay- HR & Payroll Management Software Solution - ৳600,000 - Chittagong, Bangladesh
    LinesPay- HR & Payroll Management Software Solution
  • ৳600,000
  • LinesPay is a high configurable payroll management system to make better strategic business policies and provide the finest control over employees and payroll management. Its inherent work-flow processing that will help organizations to move in a dynamic and intelligent way. LinesPay is fully customized and upgraded easily to meet the needs of organizations of any dimension. It deals with the financial aspects of employee’s details, ... 20/4/2017 ~ Chittagong
PrismERP-Cheque Printing software - ৳10,000 - Chittagong, Bangladesh
    PrismERP-Cheque Printing software
  • ৳10,000
  • Cheque Printer is a user-friendly cheque printing software that prints any bank cheque leafs with ease.It makes your cheques smart and error free and provides instant information on payments.The highly accurate and professional record-keeping mechanism makes data easily traceable. It provides more than a cheuqe writer.You need not to write anything on your cheques, just print and sign it. Benefits: 1. Easy Cheque Printing 2. ... 1/4/2017 ~ Chittagong
PrismERP_POS Software - ৳50,000 - Chittagong, Bangladesh
    PrismERP_POS Software
  • ৳50,000
  • PrismPOS are utilized in many different industries, ranging from restaurants, nail/beauty salons, casinos, and let's not forget - the retail environments. PrismPOS system provides its user with excellent supervision over the inventory, food and beverage revenues, working schedules and most importantly, monitoring customer traffic and service provided to them and you can also maintained Cash register systems, barcode scanners, invoice, lock screen and multiple Payment ... 22/3/2017 ~ Chittagong
PrismERP- SME - ৳100,000 - Chittagong, Bangladesh
    PrismERP- SME
  • ৳100,000
  • PrismERP SME edition is a web based interactive business solutions designed and priced for small and midsize enterprises. Every business needs a better management of its operations. PrismERP SME software is best software to enhance your business growth. It provides all chart of accounts, account creation, journals, cashbook, general ledger, banking queries, details of all vouchers like credit, debit, sales, purchase, payment, receipt, contra, memo ... 18/3/2017 ~ Chittagong
Atique IT - Training - Wari, Bangladesh
    Atique IT - Training Atique IT is a renowned software firm in Dhaka. Here we are specialized in Developing custom software, responsive UI design, E commerce, Woocommerce, WordPress, SEO, web designing and also we provide training on those. 2/3/2017 ~ Wari
ERP Software Development - ৳70,000 - Wari, Bangladesh
    ERP Software Development
  • ৳70,000
  • Best ERP Software Company in Bangladesh ERP, Generally known as Enterprise Resource Planning is one of the most popular business management software that helps to manage your all business activity in a simple way. At first, all government and non-government used manual based accounting and reporting system for their activity. But now-a-days, most of the government and almost all private and multinational companies use ERP ... 1/1/2017 ~ Wari
Bulk SMS - ৳350 - Taraganj, Bangladesh
    Bulk SMS
  • ৳350
  • Special Application for SMS and One of the leading Customized SMS Application developing Company In Bangladesh as well as only one SMS gate way provider in Bangladesh Our Recent Developed SMS Applications are: 1.Auto SMS Attendance Application on School/College/University Management 2.SMS application on Sales, Marketing & Customer Relation 3.Auto Money receipt Gate way Application 4.Coaching Centre payment Application 4.SMS invoice management Application 5.Reminder Notification Application ... 1/1/2017 ~ Taraganj
Point of Sale,Stock and inventory Software - ৳35,000 - Mymensingh, Bangladesh
    Point of Sale,Stock and inventory Software
  • ৳35,000
  • Point of Sale,Stock and inventory Software A7z Soft Ltd. comes with a advanced POS System including Mobile responsive and email responsive software first in Bangladesh. No barcode printer,No barcode scanner Mobile phone sms Invoice • Available in Online and offline both version o Shop information with create, view, edit, delete facilities o Multiple Branches information with create, view, edit, delete facilities • Admin & User ... 1/1/2017 ~ Mymensingh
Hp Elitbook 8460p - ৳20,000 - Wari, Bangladesh
    Hp Elitbook 8460p
  • ৳20,000
  • Model: Hp Elitbook 8460p ★★ ২ বছর এর ওয়ারেণ্টি ★★★★ ২ বছর এর ওয়ারেণ্টি ★★★★ ২ বছর এর ওয়ারেণ্টি ★★ আপনি চাইলে RAM Hard Disk Up Date করে নিতে পারবেন। Ram Hard Disk - RAM পরিবতন করলে দাম কম বেশি হবে। প্রসেসর - intel core i5-vpro@ upto 2.50- 3.30 GHz processor speed. রেম - 4/8GB DDr3L RAM হার্ডডিস্ক - 500/1000GB ROM ব্যাটারি ব্যাকআপ - upto ... 22/12/2016 ~ Wari
Web Hosting BD - ৳950 - Rajshahi, Bangladesh
    Web Hosting BD
  • ৳950
  • PLAN - 1 GB || YEARLY 1GB Hosting Space Monthly Hosting Bandwidth : 30 GB MySQL Database : 10 Apache (Optimized) PostgreSQL Database Firewall & DDoS Protection Sub-Domain + Parked Domain FTP Account : Unlimited 1-Click Application Installer Optimized for WP/Joomla Addon / Parked / Sub Domain : UNLIMITED Attracta SEO Tools Ready Domains Allowed : 1 20 Email Account Life Time Support GET STARTED 12/12/2016 ~ Rajshahi
# Chequeprinter-Smart and Speedy Cheque Printing Software - ৳10,000 - Barisal, Bangladesh
    # Chequeprinter-Smart and Speedy Cheque Printing Software
  • ৳10,000
  • Cheque Print software is a user friendly Cheque Printing software that helps you to organize, print and track your cheques very easily. It provides more than a cheuqe writer. You need not to write anything on your cheques, just print and sign it. Benefits 1. Easy Cheque Printing 2. Multiple Bank Accounts 3. Avoiding Mistakes 4. Secured Dealings 5. Positive Impression 6. User Friendly 7. ... 30/11/2016 ~ Barisal
কম খরচে একটি ভাল মানের ই-কমার্স সাইট তৈরি করুন। - ৳20,000 - Barisal, Bangladesh
    কম খরচে একটি ভাল মানের ই-কমার্স সাইট তৈরি করুন।
  • ৳20,000
  • বিশ্বায়নের এ যুগে ইন্টারনেটের কল্যাণে পৃথিবীর সবকিছুতে যেমন অনলাইনের ছোঁয়া লেগেছে তেমনি আমাদের ব্যবসা-বাণিজ্যও পিছিয়ে নেই, আমাদের ব্যবসা বাণিজ্যতেও এখন ইন্টারনেট নির্ভর হয়ে পড়ছে। ইন্টারনেট মানুষের সামনে খুলে দিয়েছে একটি মুক্ত ও স্বাধীন পৃথিবী। পৃথিবীর সবকিছু এখন মানুষের খুব কাছে এমনকি ঘরে। ব্যবসা বাণিজ্য থেকে শুরু করে শিক্ষা- তথ্য বিনোদন সবকিছু এখন যে কোন মুহুর্তে যে কোন জায়গা থেকে পাওয়া যাচ্ছে। ইন্টারনেটের কারনে আপনি বাস, ... 21/9/2016 ~ Barisal
ফ্রীল্যান্সিং আউটসোর্সিং ট্রেনিং - ৳12,500 - Mymensingh, Bangladesh
    ফ্রীল্যান্সিং আউটসোর্সিং ট্রেনিং
  • ৳12,500
  • বর্তমানে ফ্রিল্যান্সিং পেশা ব্যাপক জনপ্রিয় হয়ে উঠেছে। আমরা যখন মনস্থির করে ফেলি যে, আমরা ফ্রিল্যান্সিং কেই পেশা হিসেবে নিতে চাই তখন আমাদের অবশ্যই এটাও চিন্তা করতে হবে যে, আমি কোন সেক্টরে নিজেকে প্রতিষ্ঠিত করতে চাই। আমরা অনেকেই সবচেয়ে বড় ভুলটা করে থাকি। সেটা হল, “আমরা একজন যেটা করছে আমিও সেটা করব” এই ধরনের একটা ভাবনা কাজ করে। আর এই ধারনাটাই হল সেক্টর নির্বাচন এর ক্ষেত্রে ... 21/9/2016 ~ Mymensingh
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